A downloadable game for Windows

Get Job! is a short visual novel based on a student looking for a job.

In this game, you are:-

  • a fresh graduate male student named Ikram
  • looking for a job (duh!)

In this game, you must:-

  • answer the personality test
  • get the right answer to get the job (duh!)

The personality test is based on the four personality animal which are:-

  • Lion
  • Otter
  • Golden Retriever
  • Beaver

The personality test done is absolutely depends on the player, not the character in the game. Good Luck and Have Fun...

The personality test in the game is obtained from Steve Scott's Five-minute Personality Test...

Install instructions

Extract the downloaded file, open the folder and run Get Job! executable file.


Get_Job!-win.zip 65 MB


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I have the personality of a dog it seems. ^^

The game seems to me like gamification of a questionnaire. Perhaps a sub plot would make it more intriguing. The graphics are nice though.

I gave it a "lazy" try :)

It's a rarity to see hijabs in games so I'm glad you didn't chose to avoid female characters as a "solution".

^^, yea, the questionnaire is from the Steve Scott's Five-Minute Personalitry Test. I'm new in this, I might try to add more plots later on...

Thanks for trying~ :D

p/s: this game is done for my fyp, and today i'm presenting this game to my panels... hope everything will go smoothly... :D